Happy 4th Anniversary + Plan B

This month marks the 4th Anniversary of the founding of our group.

Yay! Happy Anniversary to us!

That’s a noteworthy milestone. And we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

Thank you!

Nobody is sure when – or if – Michigan’s governor will allow the state to open up at the end of this month. Therefore, we don’t know if Baker Book House will be able to open by the time of our next in-person meeting on June 10th.

Even if Baker does open, there’s no guarantee we’ll be able to meet together in the Community Room.

And, even if we do get to meet together in the Community Room, we may have to space out so much that not all of us will fit in the room.

And, even if we do get to meet together in the Community Room, and even if we don’t have to space out so much that not all of us will fit in the room, we may have to wear masks – which is something we’re loathe to do.


We’ve decided to take control of the situation and implement Plan B.

We started a Zoom account that would enable us to meet together virtually – even as soon as next week, May 13th, which was when we were scheduled to meet, anyway.

If you’ve never used Zoom, it’s like Skype.

If you’ve never used Skype, it’s an online meeting program that enables people to see and talk to each other. It’s great.

But Zoom is more robust.

You can download Zoom at Zoom.us. Just create an account and you’re good to go. Won’t cost you a dime.

If you don’t have a laptop or desktop or a smart phone capable of using Zoom’s video capabilities, no worries. I believe there’s a phone-in option, too. You can call in to our meeting.

Zoom will enable us to see each other and interact with one another – which is more than we can do now…and likely more than we will be able to do in June. Maybe even July.

Zoom is easy to use, too. We create a “meeting” and send you an e-mail invitation to join it. You click on the link (or dial the phone number) in the e-mail and we’re suddenly face to face (or ear to ear).

NOTE: Given that we meet in the evening, you’ll need a light source – preferably beside you or in front of you – that way we can see each other. 

If you’re game to try it, we can catch up on each other’s lives, talk about Merton’s book The Wisdom of the Desert, and plan for more meetings…in-person or on Zoom.

Desert is a short book, as you know, so we should easily be able to discuss up to the first 30-40 pages. 

Speaking of Baker Book House…

Baker Book House is open for online ordering and curbside pickup.

So, if you don’t yet have a copy of The Wisdom of the Desert, Baker may still have some to purchase. Call ‘em and ask. They’ll bring the book out to your car, or – as B&N does it – leave it on a table outside their door.

Gift certificates (which they could mail to you) make wonderful gifts – for yourself, as well.

Let’s do what we can to help keep Baker Book House prosperous.

If you want to join us this Wednesday at 7pm, contact Bill in plenty of time for him to send you an e-mail with the Zoom link.

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