Next Meeting: May 8, 2019

Fifty years after his untimely death, Trappist monk Thomas Merton (1915-1968) remains one of the world’s most widely read, talked about, and beloved authors, poets, contemplatives, and spiritual teachers. But how did he get to be Thomas Merton? What made him the world-famous monk that he is? What were his thoughts, his struggles, his hopes, … [Read more…]

Next Meeting: July 12

A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended our meeting this past Wednesday night. You helped us celebrate one year of being a local chapter of the International Thomas Merton Society. We are grateful to you for making our evening special. Great conversation, too. And new faces. What a blessing to spend time with people … [Read more…]

Next Meeting: April 12th @ 7pm

Our last meeting (March 8th) was delightful. THANK YOU! I don’t recall a time when nobody wanted to leave afterwards and everyone stuck around for a half hour continuing to talk. We welcomed four new people (William, Rose, Jack, and Peach) to the group, learned much from them, including how they found themselves in that … [Read more…]

Next Meeting: February 8th

The next meeting of the International Thomas Merton Society, Grand Rapids Chapter, will be Wednesday, February 8th at 7pm in the Community Room at Baker Book House, which is near the corner of East Paris and 28th Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan. On that night, we will begin to study Thomas Merton’s book Contemplative Prayer, … [Read more…]

We’re Off to a Great Start!

The first meeting of the Grand Rapids chapter of the International Thomas Merton Society was a success! In all, 10 people were there to watch the movie Merton: A Film Biography, to see photos of Bill’s last retreat to the Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani, and to share some of our personal stories about … [Read more…]


We are thrilled to introduce the new Grand Rapids, Michigan, chapter of the International Thomas Merton Society. Our first meeting will be held Wednesday, May 11, at 7pm in the Community Room at Baker Book House, which is located near the corner of 28th Street and East Paris in Southeast Grand Rapids. That evening, we’ll … [Read more…]