Next Meeting: August 10, 2022 @7pm

The August meeting of the Grand Rapids chapter of the International Thomas Merton Society is this Wednesday, August 10th, starting at 7pm! We will continue discussing Thomas Merton’s brilliant history of the Trappist Order, The Waters of Siloe.  We’ll recap these chapters, which you read for the July 13th meeting: I. Monasticism; St. Benedict; The CisterciansII. … [Read more…]

No Meeting In December (Merry Christmas!)

RECAP OF PREVIOUS MEETING On November 11, 2020, Merton’s book The Silent Life became the springboard for lively discussions about the history of monastic life, Merton’s own vocation, and what we can glean from Merton’s insights to apply to our own lives.  Topics discussed included obedience, poverty, love (usually referred to as “charity” in Merton’s … [Read more…]