Next Meeting: September 9 (Zoom)

This week, we’re honored to have author/poet/resident Merton scholar Bob Hudson with us. Bob often presents short discussions titled “Merton and…” This month, Bob will discuss Merton and The Shakers.

After we listen to Bob, we’ll finish the wonderful little book from Thomas Merton titled Life and Holiness, reading and disussing pages 86 (“Charity”) to 119 (“Conclusion”). 


Our next book will be Merton’s classic The Silent Life

Yes, The Silent Life is about monastic life, as well as the history of the Cistercian Order and other orders. But this is who and what Thomas Merton was. We will glean from it spiritual insights applicable to our lives, to be sure. But we agree with a couple of our group’s “elders.” This is important information to know to fully understand Merton and his brethren (and sisters) in monasteries around the world. Besides, if it resonates with you, perhaps you’ll consider joining us every fourth Wednesday in Jeff’s Novices in the School of Love group, which is all about exploring the spirituality of the monastic life. 

So, we will begin discussing The Silent Life in our Wednesday, October 14th meeting. (Pages vii – “What Is a Monk?” – through page 57 – “The Monastic Peace.”)


Let’s give Bob Hudson the respect, time, and attention he deserves. 
Plus, let’s encourage one another to keep on our respective spiritual paths. 
Plus, let’s explore what Thomas Merton left for us to explore in Life and Holiness

We can accomplish all of that if you join us online this Wednesday, September 9, at 7pm!

See you then!

TO JOIN US: Send Bill an e-mail before 5:30pm Wednesday, September 9. He’ll e-mail you an invitation to join us on Zoom.

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