Next Meeting: August 9, 2023 @ 6pm

Good Afternoon Friends,

The next meeting of the Grand Rapids chapter of the International Thomas Merton Society will be Wednesday, August 9th at 6pm. 

Where We’ll Meet

The Kentwood (Richard L. Root) Library, which is located on Breton between 44th Street and 52nd Street in Kentwood, in the large conference room on the second floor.

Here is the address:

4950 Breton SE
Kentwood, MI. 49508

Library phone: 616.784.2007

The conference room seats 12 comfortably. If more show up, we’ll try to bring in another chair or two. But this is its capacity. You may wish to RSVP before driving over

IMPORTANT NOTE: As we did in in previous months, we will start the meeting at 6pm, not 7pm as we used to. Please note that time difference! The library closes at 8pm, so we need to start at 6pm and get ready to pack up around 7:45 from now on. 

What We’ll Discuss

We’ll continue our fascinating discussion of New Seeds of Contemplation, Merton’s classic work on the subject, which you can purchase from Amazon.

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