Next Meeting: November 9

We had another outstanding meeting last Wednesday night (October 12th), with four new people joining us.

Welcome Jim, Angel, Tim, and Christian!

merton-november_page_4It was a fun time. We talked about the DVD The Many Storeys and Last Days of Thomas Merton, and continued our discussion of New Seeds of Contemplation – a discussion that’s far from over. We’ll pick up Fr. Louis’ influential and important book again at our meeting on Wednesday, November 9th.

If you don’t yet have a copy of New Seeds of Contemplation, remember you can get one at Baker Book House.

Our discussion this month was mostly about contemplation, mysticism…and our own spiritual paths. (Which is why we’ll continue discussing New Seeds next month. We ran out of time Wednesday night!) In fact, words that came up a frequently during our meeting were “seeker”…“seeking”…“searching”…and “searcher.”

People seem to come to our group seeking something. Thomas Merton is the catalyst, of course. But Fr. Louis wasn’t the only one who wrote about or had an affinity for contemplation and mysticism. Others include Richard Rohr, Fr. Thomas Keating, Dallas Willard, Richard J. Foster, James Finley, Henri Nouwen, E. Glenn Hinson, and many others. So some who show up do so having read more than just Thomas Merton. They’re seeking what Merton – and others – discovered, and wrote about.

And that’s why we sometimes hear the Merton group is a kind of a haven in which to share thoughts, questions, and common interests – usually about contemplation and mysticism – with Merton as the focal point. We’re fellow travelers on the path.

Plus, as one group member often tells us, we’re only scratching the surface. There’s a world of topics and books for us to discuss…not only about Fr. Louis and his writings, but also about those who wrote similar books.

Hope to see you next month. Same time (7pm). Same place (Baker Book House in Grand Rapids, Michigan).

The public is welcome. There is no charge.

NOTE: you can download a pdf of our promotional flyer here. Print it out and put it up here and there. Or e-mail it to interested friends and family members.

Thank you!

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