Next Meeting: June 13, 2018

A big THANK YOU to all who attended last Wednesday night’s (May 9th) meeting. It was a lively one, with lots of discussion (both during and long after). After our meeting, Karen shared a special project she’s working on with her church. It involves sending items such as colored pencils, crayons, coloring books, and a … [Read more…]

Next Meeting: March 14th

Please join us at Baker Book House near the corner of 28th Street and East Paris in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the next meeting of the Grand Rapids chapter of the International Thomas Merton Society. We meet at 7pm in the Community Room at Baker Books. Our meetings usually last 90-120 minutes. For our next … [Read more…]

Next Meeting: February 7th

Normally you meetings are the second Wednesday of every month. But because February 14th is both Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day, we moved the meeting to Wednesday, February 7th. Same time: 7pm. Same place: The Community Room of Baker Book House near the corner of East Paris and 28th Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We … [Read more…]

Our Merton Library

One of the members of our group has graciously donated (they’re on semi-permanent loan) his Merton library for others to enjoy. The collection is substantial. Once we catalog all of the books, we’ll make them available to group members. NOTE: Borrowing books from our library requires one be a member for at least two successive … [Read more…]

Next Meeting: November 8th

The last meeting in 2017 of the Grand Rapids chapter of the International Thomas Merton Society will be Wednesday, November 8th, at 7pm, at Baker Book House in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s our tradition to take a break from meeting in December to give everyone time to focus on Christmas with all of its unique … [Read more…]